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  • Duration: 2 moths
  • Career: Web Developer
  • Fee: Affordable
  • Placement: Assisted
  • Trainer: Expertise

MongoDB Training in Kathmandu

MongoDB is an open-source, cross-platform document-oriented database system that is capable of processing and storing data with convenient scalability and with high performance also categorized as a NoSQL database. Also, MongoDB is a document database with flexibility and stability which you want to be with what you need querying or indexing. In 2007, the 10gen software company has begun developing MongoDB as a service product as a component of the planned platform.

And in 2009, the organization shifted to an open-source development model. In 2013, the company has changed its name to MongoDB Inc. on 2017, October 20 MongoDB become a publicly traded company. There are several database systems such as Oracle, mongo DB, MySQL, NoSQL, and another popular databases. But, one of the most popular and new databases is MongoDB. The newest database means it is in the limelight.

Most companies are implementing MongoDB. In Nepal, many of the company are planning to use MongoDB as their database. For current and future scopes, MongoDB will be the right platform to make a career. To be an expert, first, you have to take MongoDB Training in Nepal. MongoDB stores data as flexibility and also as JSON-like document files, meaning files may vary from document to document and can be changed from data structure at any time. Also, it has the capability of MapReduce calculations and key-value store distribution. Factly, MongoDB is one of the best, finest databases storing and processing Big data. Additionally, MongoDB experts have a good career around the world.

MongoDB Training Center in Kathmandu – Skill Training Nepal

In Nepal, there is various course provider institution. But, Skill Training Nepal is one of the best MongoDB Training centers in Kathmandu. Skill Training Nepal is a leading professional course provider institution in Kathmandu, which offers MongoDB training. MongoDB Training Nepal is helping interested candidates to boost their knowledge by applying various skills to develop careers in MongoDB or the database field.

For fulfilling the demand of database administrators in Nepal for a new database MongoDB or also can call a NoSQL database MongoDB training course is designed. This database will teach you how to manage this database and also how to write queries and help you to understand why this MongoDB course is popular around the world today. The MongoDB database has been used by various popular companies which are eBay, MetLife, and many more.

The MongoDB Training course at Skill Training Nepal is designed for students who are interested in seeking knowledge in database platforms. In our institution, we use the latest materials and modules and up to date daily to provide every knowledge which they can use in their field. Additionally, Skill Training Nepal is the best institution for seeking the knowledge in MongoDB database. A Large number of organizations of every size are using MongoDB, especially as a cloud database, because it enables them to make or build applications faster, also handle highly diverse data types, and also manage applications more efficiently.

Benefits of MongoDB Training course in Nepal

In Nepal, technology is constantly rising worldwide. MongoDB sorts your data through a system of schema-less and saves you time and stress.  Also, the newer version as well as the older version of MongoDB support the creation of zones and data. Below is the list of some benefits of MongoDB training in Nepal:

  • In the case of storing large amounts of data, MongoDB is scalable and flexible.
  • Enough powerful to function Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).
  • In developed IT industries, there is a high demand for Big data professionals with MongoDB expertise.
  • Code native access and widely supported.
  • Change design-friendly
  • Simple installation and cost-effective
  • Make the development process easy.

Advantage of choosing us for MongoDB Training in Nepal

Skill Training Nepal is providing exclusive offers on a full MongoDB training course in Kathmandu. Enroll in our MongoDB Training course and get amazing offers at the regular price. We provide a global certification course for MongoDB. Also, we will train you on how to write and run queries in MongoDB. Skill Training Nepal has a high reputation for serving the best MongoDB Training Course in Nepal. From our institution you will get the following benefits:

  • We have certified experts as instructors.
  • Well-equipped training materials.
  • Both online and offline classes
  • Provide class videos for a lifetime.
  • Flexibility in Time.
  • Proper guidelines for students
  • Job and intern placement opportunities for deserving students.
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Real-time project practice and also provide practical-oriented class

Additionally, Skill Training Nepal aims to serve professional MongoDB Training Courses in Nepal with practical-based oriented classes at an affordable price.

Opportunity after completing MongoDB Training in Nepal

In the context of Nepal, there is a high demand for MongoDB developers, but there is a lack of manpower and industry. After taking the MERN stack training course in Nepal, you will be able to apply for various jobs. Multiple framework knowledge is a plus point for a Big data career. MongoDB certification will help you enhance your skill as a Big data engineer and boost the significance of your career in terms of a hike in salary.

The average salary of MongoDB ranges from $84,000 per year for an executive assistant to $230,000 per year approximately for the senior director. Also, MongoDB is a better or great place to work. The pay in this path is amazing if you can work hard you can earn a lot of money.  

  • Overview of MongoDB
  • Features of MongoDB
  • Comparison of MongoDB with RDBMS
  • Installation of MongoDB
  • Data Modelling Concepts
  • Data Modelling Approach
  • Embedded Data Modelling
  • Data Modelling for Tree Structures
  • Data Modelling for Time Series Data
  • Data Modelling for Large Data Sets
  • Inserting Documents
  • Querying Documents
  • Updating Documents
  • Deleting Documents
  • Indexing Concepts
  • Types of Indexes
  • Creating Indexes
  • Indexing Strategies
  • Aggregation Pipeline
  • Operators and Stages
  • Aggregation Expressions
  • Aggregation Performance Optimization
  • Replication Concepts
  • Replica Set Deployment
  • Sharding Concepts
  • Sharding Deployment
  • Backup Strategies
  • Restore Strategies
  • MongoDB Management Service
  • Security Concepts
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • MongoDB Encryption
  • MongoDB and Python
  • MongoDB and Java
  • MongoDB and Node.js
  • Performance Metrics
  • Performance Optimization Strategies
  • Indexing Strategies for Performance Optimization

MongoDB training in Nepal is a course designed to provide individuals with knowledge of the MongoDB database system, a popular NoSQL database used by many companies globally.

Skill Training Nepal is a leading MongoDB training center in Kathmandu that provides professional courses on MongoDB.

The duration of the MongoDB training course in Nepal is 2 months.

After completing MongoDB training in Nepal, you can pursue a career as a web developer or a big data professional with MongoDB expertise.

The fee structure for MongoDB training in Nepal is affordable and varies depending on the institution offering the course.

Yes, Skill Training Nepal offers assisted job placement opportunities for deserving students after completing their MongoDB training course.

Yes, Skill Training Nepal offers assisted job placement opportunities for deserving students after completing their MongoDB training course.

Yes, MongoDB training is also available online for individuals who prefer to study remotely.

MongoDB training courses provide individuals with knowledge of a highly in-demand database system that is scalable, flexible, and widely supported.

Yes, Skill Training Nepal is a leading MongoDB training institution in Kathmandu that provides practical-based oriented classes.

MongoDB training courses cover topics such as database management, query writing, and data processing using the MongoDB system.

MongoDB is a NoSQL database system that is highly scalable, flexible and supports the processing of highly diverse data types, making it a popular choice for many companies.

Yes, Skill Training Nepal provides students with the opportunity to work on real-time projects and gain practical experience in MongoDB during their training course.

The cost of MongoDB certification in Nepal varies depending on the institution offering the certification.

MongoDB certification can enhance your career as a big data engineer and lead to a hike in salary due to the high demand for MongoDB expertise in many IT industries.

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