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AutoCAD Training in Nepal

Join AutoCAD Training in Nepal at Skill Training Nepal
  • Duration: 2 months
  • Career: Civil Engineer
  • Fee: Affordable
  • Placement: Assisted
  • Trainer: Expertise

AutoCAD Training in Kathmandu

AutoCAD is a drafting software developed by Autodesk. It is Computer-Aided-Design(CAD) software generalized for creating 2D and 3D models of structures, mechanical parts, blueprints, architectural and interior designs, and many more. The designs produced by AutoCAD are in the form of vector graphics.

Kathmandu is a career-building place for Nepalese students. The demand for skilled human resources is increasing. Improving one’s skills is a must in today’s world. The training on AutoCAD helps the students of architects, engineers, and interior design to elevate their careers. Many people are struggling to make a place in these fields. Skill Training Nepal provides AutoCAD training with the aim of giving quality training to make students open to the world of opportunities.

Skill training Nepal provides AutoCAD training from expert professionals and the students will be able to learn under their guidance and mentorship. The training covers all aspects of the software from the fundamental tools and command to the advanced level with an up-to-date syllabus. So, from the AutoCAD classes, students can learn in detail from basics with hands-on experience and practice.

AutoCAD Training Center in Kathmandu – Skill Training Nepal

Skill Training Nepal supports you to elevate your software skill and helps to get prepare for the competitive market out there. AutoCAD is extremely necessary for those trying to build a future in architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and interior design. Whether you are a beginner or have some knowledge about AutoCAD software, we are here to help you to upscale yourself.

Benefits of AutoCAD Training in Nepal

AutoCAD is very important in the fields of construction, architecture, interior design, and engineering. In Nepal, the demand for this software is high as there are a lot of projects that need AutoCAD software. It helps to make the drawing and editing very simple unlike the traditional handmade design which took longer time to complete and editing the mistakes was a tedious task.
The benefits of AutoCAD training in Nepal are:

  •  Able to manage different tools and techniques of the AutoCAD software.
  •  Able to make 2D and 3D designs.
  •  Able to draft the designs of the related projects in the software.
  •  Making connections with the experts in this field.
  •  Being able to work as a freelancer.

Why us for AutoCAD training in Kathmandu?

Skill Training Nepal is working as a reputed training institute in Kathmandu. Within a few years, we have successfully distinguished ourselves in this competitive market. The AutoCAD course provided is well-designed and is taught by qualified instructors. You will not regret taking classes in Skill Training Nepal. Here, the students are provided a demo class before starting the session so that it will be better to analyze thoroughly before joining. Some
of the benefits you will get from joining our classes are:

  • The qualified and experienced instructors will teach the AutoCAD software.
  • We provide classes with practicals that will help you to work on real-world projects.
  • Through AutoCAD Training, you can connect with industry experts and can get professional connections
  • The curriculum is up-to-date that helps you to pace with the evolving trends.
  • The course fee is affordable.
  • We provide certificates, internships, and placements after the completion of AutoCAD training.

Career Opportunities After Completion of AutoCAD Training in Nepal

The need for AutoCAD skills in the Nepali market is huge. The traditional hand-drawn design is being replaced by computer software and those who can work with AutoCAD software are highly valued by different architects, interior design, engineering, and construction projects out there. So, after completing of AutoCAD Training with dedication, you are eligible for varieties of career opportunities in Nepal:

  • Architects: To draw models of buildings and architecture, and work with engineers on different building projects
  • Engineers: To draft buildings, bridges, infrastructure projects, mechanical and motor parts, and many more.
  • Construction Manager: Make drawings and designs for various infrastructure and construction projects.
  • AutoCAD trainer: To train the students coming to learn the software.
  • Work as CAD technician and interior designer.


  • Application Menu
  • Title Bar
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Workspace
  • View cube
  • Navigation Bar
  • Co-ordinate System
  • Layout Bar
  • Command Line
  • Status Bar
  • Managing the cross-hair
  • Setting the drawing units
  • Setting limits for drawing area
  • Setting of the toggle keys
  • Use of line, poly-line, circle, ellipse, rectangle, polygon, arc, spline, construction line, ray, multiple


  • Using the move, copy, stretch, mirror, rotate, scale, trim, fillet, erase, explode, offset command
  • Introduction to layers
  • Layer Properties Manager
  • Applying colour, line type, line weight, and transparency to layers
  • Using freeze/thaw, lock/unlock, and description to layers
  • Introduction to annotations
  • Creating text
  • Setting up dimensions
  • Working with table


  • Creating plans, cross-sections, and elevations of infrastructure projects.
  • Creating plans, sections, and elevations of beam, column, slabs, footing, stair-case.
  • Creating topographic drawings and contours through SWDTM


  • Developing floor plans, section, and elevation of building
  • Create site planning and landscape design


  • Creating the designs of mechanical components, motor parts, etc.
  • Page setup
  • Printing to scale

AutoCAD is a computer software that is used for drawing different designs like buildings, construction, machinery, blueprints, and many more. After learning AutoCAD, architectural
drawing, structural drawing, machinery drawing, and interior design will be easy to create. At this time learning software is a must. So, if AutoCAD is needed for your career, you need to learn it to beat the competition.

Skill Training Nepal offers AutoCAD training in Nepal with experienced instructors and well-equipped labs. You will get 2 months of training in our institute. We offer courses with the latest curriculum so that our students will learn the best.

From the AutoCAD course, you will be able to learn different tools and create 2D and 3D designs. You will learn from the basics and to the advanced ones. Joining AutoCAD training in Nepal will help you to create different designs as per needed. You can expect quality training at the price you pay from the AutoCAD training in Nepal. You can inquire about the training from the person who already attended the course to know whether the tools and designs are taught properly or not in the training center.

After taking the AutoCAD classes, it will help to uplift your career and work as a freelancer, and design engineer, in the field of architecture and work in consultancies. Software skill is indeed important to help you elevate your career. Taking AutoCAD training in Nepal will help you get jobs a litter easier. The traditional hand-made designs were too tedious. It helps you to store the data and also you can print as many copies as you want. It helps you to protect your drawings and designs from any external destruction. So, taking AutoCAD training in Nepal comes with a lot of benefits.

There is no hard and fast rule to join AutoCAD training in Nepal, you should be interested in learning the software and need to know how to run the computer. Additionally, if you know the basics of Microsoft and Excel, it will be helpful to you.

When going for an AutoCAD training center in Nepal, you should examine the reputation of the training center, inquire with the alumni, and inquire about the fee structure in the market, the
instructors, and the placement after the completion of training. If you are thinking to join AutoCAD training in Nepal from Skill Training Nepal, you can contact us or visit our office. The details about us you can find on our website.

Yes, the AutoCAD training program in Nepal is made for physical classes as well as attend online classes. Skill Training Nepal offers online AutoCAD courses that you can take from the comfort of your home.

After you learn AutoCAD software in Nepal, you are able to make:
 Design architectural and engineering drawings
 Design construction drawings and detailing
 Design machinery drawings
 Interior design

Yes, the AutoCAD training program in Nepal can make you compatible globally. Skill Training Nepal teaches AutoCAD which will be useful in the global market also. These software skills are made to counter the global market also. You just need to do AutoCAD training in Nepal and observe how much you get skillful.

The fee structure of AutoCAD training in Nepal differs from institute to institute. It varies on the services provided by the training centers. If you are interested in AutoCAD training in Nepal, you can contact us through the details provided on our website.

Yes, we provide a certificate after the completion of the AutoCAD course in Nepal. The certificate will help you to get the validation of your skills. We also provide placements and internships after the completion of courses.

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