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  • Duration: 4 months
  • Career: Hardware Technician, Software Technicial
  • Fee: Affordable
  • Placement: Assisted
  • Trainer: Real-Time Experts as Trainers

Mobile Repair Training in Kathmandu, Nepal

Do you want to learn mobile repair training in Nepal? It is the best solution if you’re sick of waiting for your phone to be repaired. The mobile repair training course will not only save you money to fix your phone, but you can also earn money from this fantastic skill.

Mobile repair training in Nepal provides different types of mobile repair courses that are designed to teach you how to efficiently repair all types of mobile phones.

Here is how this mobile repair training course can be your ideal solution!

Mobile Repairing Training Center in Kathmandu—Skill Training Nepal

Mobile repair training in Kathmandu will make you independent by teaching you a variety of courses related to mobile repairs. We will stretch your knowledge regarding the mechanical, functional, and technical features of the different kinds of smartphones. 

Moreover, the instructors of the mobile repairing training center in Kathmandu are extremely professional and experienced in the related field, which will make them eligible to teach what you’re expecting from us as the best mobile repairing training center in Kathmandu. 

Mobile repair training in Kathmandu is most popular among students these days because people are becoming dependent on electronic devices like mobiles to operate in their day-to-day lives. This is also the reason, the mobile repair course has a good scope in Nepal as well as all over the world.

Why Choose Skill Training Nepal as Your Mobile Repair Training in Kathmandu?

Skill Training Nepal is considered the best solution to learn new electronic skills like mobile repair and laptop repair in Kathmandu. if you are interested in smartphones and want to start a mobile repair business.

Mobile repair training in Nepal will help you learn and acquire the standard and latest skills related to mobile repair. Your every curiosity and concern regarding the mobile repair training will be eliminated by the experienced tutors, with their extensive skills and experience in the field. 

Some of the irresistible benefits of joining Skill Training Nepal for mobile repair training in Nepal are:

  • Students will be tutored by experienced instructors who are qualified, experienced, and professional.

  • Students will be able to use all kinds of phones and can distinguish problems in different parts of phones, software, and troubleshooting techniques. 

  • You will get a certificate approved by CTEVT, which will be nationally recognized.

  • Students will be able to access the required devices and tools for the practical classes.

  • Students will be equipped with mobile repair skills and can run their own businesses or work as software/hardware engineers and make money.

  • While learning mobile repair training, you will gain real-life experience in the working world. 

This might be the best opportunity for you to develop mobile repair skills in Kathmandu with an expert. Feel free to join a mobile repair course in Nepal. 

Career Opportunities After Completion of Mobile Repairing Training in Nepal

The mobile repairing training center is based in New Banesowr, Kathmandu, Nepal, and provides an opportunity to a student who wants to learn a mobile repairing training course from a certified technician and trainer.

Duration and Fee for the course

Our Mobile Repair Training Course in Nepal covers training for repair on iPhones, Androids, or other types of smartphones. The full-length course covers all aspects of mobile repair training in Nepal for 4 months. 

Our skilled instructor will ensure that you will have the confidence and knowledge to repair your own devices. The fee for the mobile repair training course in Nepal is very affordable, and we provide a discount to the student according to our new offer or policy of the company.

Entry criteria 

Skill Training Nepal provides a wide range of courses for all levels of experience, whether you are a beginner or a technician. Every session of mobile repair training includes a combination of lectures and hands-on training.

Career after completion of a mobile repair course in Nepal

Skill Training Nepal will provide you with an official certificate of mobile repair training in Kathmandu. We will assist you with the internship/job placement after the completion of the course. 

In the context of Nepal, you can work as a freelance repair engineer, mobile phone repair technician, or entrepreneur.

For more, explore our mobile repair syllabus!

  • Overview of mobile phone components
  • Basic functions and features of mobile phones
  • Introduction to mobile repair tools
  • Proper handling and use of tools and equipment
  • Techniques for safely opening and closing mobile phones
  • Identifying and handling internal components
  • Understanding electronic components
  • Introduction to circuit boards and their functions
  • Basic electronic troubleshooting techniques
  • Identifying common mobile phone issues
  • Diagnosis and repair of charging problems
  • Diagnosis and repair of display and touch-related issues
  • Diagnosis and repair of audio and microphone problems
  • Introduction to mobile phone software
  • Unlocking mobile phones
  • Flashing and firmware installation
  • Data recovery and backup techniques
  • Understanding mobile phone schematic diagrams
  • Analyzing circuit layouts and component functions
  • Troubleshooting using schematic diagrams
  • Diagnosis and repair of network-related issues
  • Diagnosis and repair of camera and sensor problems
  • Diagnosis and repair of power button and volume button issues
  • Diagnosis and repair of water damage
  • Soldering and desoldering techniques
  • Replacing components and ICs
  • Fixing broken connectors and ports
  • Repairing physical damage and replacing screens
  • Advanced software troubleshooting techniques
  • Dealing with software crashes and errors
  • Repairing software-related issues without data loss
  • Installing and configuring custom ROMs
  • Unlocking mobile phones from various manufacturers
  • Unlocking network-locked phones
  • Unlocking bootloader and rooting techniques
  • Understanding chip-level repair concepts
  • Identifying components on the motherboard
  • Overview of chip-level repair tools and equipment
  • BGA reballing and reflow techniques
  • Repairing broken PCB traces
  • Component removal and replacement on the motherboard
  • Diagnosis and repair of power-related chip issues
  • Diagnosis and repair of audio IC problems
  • Diagnosis and repair of network IC issues
  • Troubleshooting common chip-level faults
  • Analyzing complex schematic diagrams
  • Designing custom circuits for specific repairs
  • Understanding advanced chip-level functions and connections
  • Techniques for recovering data from damaged devices
  • Extracting data from water-damaged phones
  • Using specialized tools and software for data recover

The fee for mobile repair course training in Nepal can vary depending on the institution and duration of the course. Some basic courses may cost as few thousand Nepali rupees, while diploma level courses may cost lakhs. 

We suggest you research and compare different programs to find the one which fits your budget and syllabus requirements. Some institution may also offer scholarship, discounts or payment plan in order to help students afford the training. 

The salary of a mobile repair technician varies on different factors such as level of education, employer, company, experience, and city. 

However, the average monthly income after completion of the complete chip level course is 15k to 25k and 35k to 50k after the diploma course.


Skill Training Nepal the best mobile repairing course training in Nepal is located in New Baneswor, Kathmandu. Skill Training Nepal is a renowned training provider in Kathmandu which set the benchmark of standard knowledge in the technical and information technology sector. 

Generally, there are four levels of mobile repair courses which are;

  1. Basic Mobile Repairing and Basic Electronics
  2. Hardware Repairing
  3. Software Repairing
  4. Basic and Advanced Troubleshooting

You can learn to fix your cell phone or any smartphone, or iPhone in an instant by learning mobile repair training from Skill Training Nepal. The mobile repair agency in Nepal will provide you with quality knowledge with excessive practical knowledge. 

Phone repairer or technicians is the person who solves technical problems with mobile, smartphones. In general phone repairer is the phone who operates the test to assess the mobile phone’s functionality, install, and update the phone software, troubleshoot wiring issues, repair damaged parts, and many more.

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