Top 3 Computer Package Courses in Nepal

Computer Package Courses

The computer package course is the training framework created by Skill Training Nepal in order to impart basic level knowledge of computer programs and functions. Computer packages also refer to different software programs tied up together and made into a whole set. The main aim of the computer package in Kathmandu is to guide students for careers according to their study background and create professional relationships in the field of information technology. 

Are you curious about, Computer diploma course list in Nepal?

This is the Computer course list provided by Skill Training Nepal:

  • Basic Hardware
  • Basic Networking
  • Email/Internet
  • Browser
  • Google Tools
  • Cyber Security Concept
  • Microsoft Office Word
  • Microsoft Office Excel
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office Access with Database
  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Conceptual Graphics Designing (Adobe Photoshop CC 2017)
  • Conceptual Accounting Software 

The main motive to provide these sets of skills and concepts to the students is to impart their knowledge about computers and teach them how to use them in their real life and workplace to achieve their dreams. These are the most basic skill sets that every person needs in the era of digital evolution. Fundamentals of the computer are used in every sector of the like government, business, banking, retail, finance, and more. 

Why Do You Need to Take a Basic Computer Course in Nepal?

2023 and the coming year is the world of computers and other devices and the IT industry rules the business world. Computer course in Kathmandu is a very underrated course because most people are familiar with computers and other devices like smartphones, laptops, and ipads. 

Basic computer course carries a lot of career opportunities, especially in Information technology. It provides you with the best platform to get depth-in knowledge of the field and also get to know how to use technology to solve problems. Our Computer office package course and accounting package course are especially for beginners in order to enlighten basic computer operating systems. 

Computer courses in Kathmandu from Skill Training Nepal boost students’ computer literacy and certification of the basic computer course helps to fit in the modern digital world. This course can be the turning point of the career cause it is the ground of information technology and from here anyone can easily advance their career, skills, and knowledge. Since the computer is very basic and necessary in the digital age, everyone needs to learn basic computer courses in order to touch up with the latest technological advancement. 

How to Choose the Best Computer Package Course for You? 

21st-century generations need computers and technology for transportation, communication, entertainment, education, and business-like almost every sector to make things, work conveniently.  Under the basic computer package, you can choose two sub-sector as per your liking which are: 

  • Basic Computer Course: Basic computer course in Kathmandu is the best option for a beginner who wants to increase their knowledge of computers or want access to the IT industry. Taking a computer course is a good step for people who want to work diligently in any sector. Basic computer course includes Microsoft Office Package, Talley, Excel, and many more. 
  • Accounting Package Course: The accounting package course in Kathmandu is also the best option for beginners and professionals who want to add on skills regarding the accounting sector. 

Skill Training Nepal is dedicated to imparting quality computer packaging courses at affordable prices. A computer is the foundation of the digital world and walks with the evolving era we all need to learn basic computer courses in Kathmandu. Hurry up! And join us to get a quality education.  

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Basic Computer
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Accounting Package
  • Duration: 3 month
  • Placement: Assisted
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