Power of Email Marketing in this Digital Era

Email Marketing

It is one of the forms of digital marketing in which mail is used as a form of communicating commercially to an audience. It is best to interact with your audiences directly via email. It involves emailing customers or subscribers to promote a product or service. 

“Email has an ability many channels don't: creating valuable, personal touches—at scale.” – David Newman.

7 Amazing Tips to Maximize Your Online Presence

Introduction to online presence

How quickly customers can find a company's goods or services online is referred to as its "online presence?" 

The sales and engagement rate of the public will be better if there is a good online presence. Online presence advantages are immeasurable because they help businesses grow and reach out to a wide audience.

Earning Money is Easy With Graphic Design Skills!

Who doesn’t love money right? 

It’s effortless to earn money with graphic design skills, especially in Nepal. 

I will tell you why. 

In the case of Nepal, Our country is in the phase of developing technologies, and tools. And let’s say Nepal is just opening up to a new era of development which gives more advantages to the youth or the people who want to upgrade themselves with technology. 

Social Media Marketing for Nepali Entrepreneurs

A comprehensive guide for Nepali entrepreneurs on leveraging social media marketing for business growth in Nepal. Learn effective strategies, top platforms, content creation, automation tools, and measuring ROI. Boost your digital presence and connect with your target audience through social media.

Scope of Graphic Designing in Nepal

Discover the vast scope of graphic designing in Nepal and explore the emerging opportunities in this dynamic field. Learn about job prospects, industries that require graphic designers, and the importance of education and training at Skill Training Nepal.