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IT Training in Nepal: Expectation vs. Reality

In the next few minutes, you're about to discover the hidden connection between technology and Gen-Z that might just transform the way you approach your daily routine. 

I assure you that this blog will help you to get clear in your head regarding the IT courses and the IT agency in Nepal and what expectations vs. reality can be when it comes to IT training courses in the context of Nepal. 

Let’s continue with our topic IT training in Nepal: expectation vs. reality.

How to create an influencer marketing strategy?


It is one of the forms of digital marketing. It is defined as collaborating with famous content creators on social media platforms. It includes the promotion of the brand through the mouth of that content creator.

Influencer marketing is done with people who have large followers on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, and many other platforms. 

“Welcome To A New Era Of Marketing And Service In Which Your Brand Is Defined By Those Who Experience It.” — Brian Solis

The Role of User Experience in Digital Marketing Success

User Experience (UX)

The user's whole experience with a product, service, or website, including how simple it is to use, is referred to as the "user experience."

User experience in marketing is crucial since it ensures users can easily navigate your website or app. More people will visit your website and this will increase sales the more accessible your website is.


Leveraging the Power of Video Marketing for Your Business

Introduction to Video Marketing

It is a part of digital marketing in which the promotion of products or services is done through a video. Video can form an instant bond between the product and the consumer in a more productive way than text. It helps in engaging more customers and can promote the brand more effectively.