From SEE to IT: Navigate Your Paths to Success

The career and the subject your continue to study after SEE, you need to do through research to know your option because it hold your future. Even if you have a some sort of interest in any subjects or career in mind, then you have to search and look into if this particular has the scope in your country or globally.

What After SEE? Best Career Options in Nepal

In the digital and technology era, IT Courses After SEE would be the best option for the student. The IT field not only opens up career opportunities early as well as globally to the  student

IT Courses after +2 Graduation

IT courses after +2 is not just a decision; it's a strategic move towards a fulfilling and prosperous career. At Skill Training Nepal, we aim to be your guide in this journey, offering insights, practical tips, and a roadmap to navigate the intricate world of IT. 

Digital Marketing in Nepal

Welcome to Skill Training Nepal’s blog about digital marketing training in Nepal here, we are exploring our journey toward the digital landscape. At the end of this blog, you will get many ideas on how to start your business on digital platforms.


Scope of Multimedia Training in Nepal

“ Design adds value faster than it adds costs.” - Joel Spolsky, author, Joel on Software 

This quote by Joel Spolsky is enlightening to those who are doodling over the weather to join a graphic design & multimedia training course in Nepal. Designing skills may cost you little in the initial phase of learning, as a fact skill always pays you 10 times more in the future. After you have mastered designing skills you will start to add cost and you will be unstoppable in your career.