IT Training in Nepal: Expectation vs. Reality

In the next few minutes, you're about to discover the hidden connection between technology and Gen-Z that might just transform the way you approach your daily routine. 

I assure you that this blog will help you to get clear in your head regarding the IT courses and the IT agency in Nepal and what expectation vs. reality can be when it comes to IT training courses in the context of Nepal. 

Let’s continue with our topic IT training in Nepal: expectation vs. reality. 

Let’s jump into the introduction

Gen-Z is regarded as the luckiest generation till now, do you know why?

Looking back from ’ the 80s/’90s, Gen-Z had more access to information and was surrounded by technology their entire lives. 

And I wonder why we are still unable to evaluate the sources that have been provided.

People now easily can get what they want by using online tools such as Google and YouTube. So learning a new set of skills, and language should be given more priority in order to excel in the career, be independent, and earn money as well as a reputation. 

The most sought career and skills in today’s date are Information Technology (IT) skills which include digital marketing, graphic design, web designing, web development, and many more. 

What can be Expectation vs. Reality in IT Training in Nepal?

What are your expectations when you think about the IT course in mind? What should expect from IT Training Agency in Nepal?

Generally, the expectations of the students who want to study IT Training are:


  • Easy and Instant Mastery: Yes, being enthusiastic about learning is good but there is a huge misconception that IT skills can be quickly acquired. Taking IT training in Nepal is the first step you would take in order to kick off your career. Students expect that only joining an IT training course in Nepal and learning for a few months would make them professionals without much effort. To master a particular IT skill you need to practice that skill more and put constant effort in to adapt to the constantly evolving technology. That’s how IT skill development works. 

  • Immediate Job Placement: I agree that completing IT training in Nepal will make it easier for you to get a job but it would be too soon to guarantee immediate job placement in any renowned IT/ tech company. As you know every industry has a competitive job market, especially the IT sector. So, for the job placement, students need IT training in Nepal as well as consistency in learning, a strong skill set, and networking. 

  • One size fits training: Information technology (IT) is a diverse sector that has many sub-sectors and is valued equally in the market. So, the misconception of the student is that a single IT training course can cater to all the IT career paths available. The best student can do is explore and surf in internet regarding the IT training course in Nepal and choose specialized training that aligns with their career goals. This way, they will get clearer goals and will pick the right IT training course in Nepal.

  • Instant technology proficiency: Information Technology (IT) is regarded as a vast industry and is ever evolving field in the market. Acquiring proficiency is not a cup of tea. Right, IT training in Nepal does help the student to get some skills and can enlighten the professional career journey.  However, one must work on hands-on projects and adapt to ever-changing technology in order to acquire proficiency with all ever-changing technology. To catch up with the competitive market and technology continuous learning in the IT sector is a must.   

  • Job stability without effort: With the utilization of technology in every sector like business in the market, it would be easy to find IT-related jobs in the initial phase as a fresher. And Candidates must not believe that once a job is secured it guarantees long-term job stability. There will be always room for improvement and more learning in the context of the IT field. So, adapting to new technology, and adding on a new set of skills in order to upskill will ensure ongoing employability. 

  • No need for soft skills: Technical skills are a strong factor for a successful career but a handful of soft skills like communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving are also important factors. The misconception is that technical skill is alone sufficient for a successful IT career which is not true at all. Soft skills will help you with acquaintances in your working environment. 

The motivation of the right IT path in your career journey is very important, likewise choosing the right IT training center to take courses is also an important process. So, join us for the best IT training training courses for your IT skill development.

These are the valid expectations of the people about the IT training in Nepal which are mixed up with many misconceptions. Now, that you are clear about the expectations and the misconceptions regarding the IT training in Nepal let’s check the actual reality of the IT training in Nepal which are listed below:

  • Combination of Soft and technical skills: The reality of the working environment is you need a proper balance between technical expertise and soft skills to excel in your career. Soft skills are regarded as social skill that enables one to interact effectively with a team, build networks, communicate, and collaborate easily. After taking an IT training course in Nepal you will have technical skills and after joining the company to work with soft skills you will be able to maintain a peaceful and positive working environment. 

  • Diverse IT paths and specialization: Taking an interest in the Infomation Technology (IT) sector means you will have diverse career paths within IT which include: digital marketing, graphic designing, software development, web development, cybersecurity, web designing, hardware & network, and much more. You must question like what is the best career path in IT? You already have that answer, believe me. Professionals suggest you research and ask around before choosing a specialization that aligns with your interest. Since IT is a skill & knowledge-based career path you need to take professional suggestions that you help you to make the right choice. 

  • Need continuous learning and adaption: There are many expectational IT training agencies in Nepal that will provide you with standard IT courses like digital marketing courses, graphic design courses, web development courses, and more. The IT field is a lifelong learning sector due to the ever-changing technologies and development. There are enough resources on the internet regarding the updated technologies. Feel free to contact us for professional suggestions, we will be over the moon to help you. 

  •  Career growth does need efforts: In this competitive job market to ensure your career growth and improve your job security one needs to offer help/volunteer to take on new responsibilities. This is beneficial for you cause you will learn new things and can help to grow professionally. On the other hand, employers, observe your potential and need an enthusiastic employee to run the company, in both ways, it’s your benefit to put in more effort. Real-Life Example: Skill Training Nepal once hired 2 digital marketing interns, both interns were qualified after completing an advanced digital marketing course, after 1 month one intern started an advanced graphic design course while work gradually appointed as a junior digital marketer of Skill Training Nepal, and the other one left after completing internship. From this, we learn that adding on skills and adapting to the requirements of the circumstance is very important in an IT company. 

In the context of Nepal, students usually carry unrealistic expectations from IT training centers. The high expectations and the reality are different, many anticipation are swift mastery, immediate job placement, to excel fast in a career, but the reality is success requires a balance of technical skill and soft skill, continuous learning, upskilling for long-term success in the IT field. 

To excel in an IT career as a professional one must accept the reality of the IT industry and dedicate oneself to adapt self with innovation and updated technology.  Let yourself take the first step of your It career journey and join an IT course from the best IT training center in Nepal. As the best IT training center in Nepal, it will meet your standard and provides you with practical insights into your career.

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