How to create an influencer marketing strategy?

It is one of the forms of digital marketing. It is defined as collaborating with famous content creators on social media platforms. It includes the promotion of the brand through the mouth of that content creator.

Influencer marketing is done with people who have large followers on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, and many other platforms. It helps in promoting the brand on a large scale. Creators post about the brand content in their platform that promotes products or services. 

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For example, A business is planning to do influencer marketing and they hire an influencer to do so. After hiring an influencer they will make content that is relevant to the product. Then, according to the selected social media platform the influencer will make a video or anything that matches the content decided by the company. 

Types of Influencers

Based on the follower count, there are four types of influencers by which the marketing is done. According to the budget and the reach needed for the business, the influencer is chosen. The four types of influencers are listed below

  1. Micro-influencers: The influencers who have followers in the range from 10,000 to 100,000 on social media platforms are considered micro-influencers. 

  2. Mid-tier influencers: The influencers who have followers in the range of 100,000

  3. 500,000 are called Mid-tier influencers. 
  4. Macro-influencers: The influencers having followers in the range of 500,000- 1M are macro-influencers. 

  5. Mega-influencers: Influencers who have more than 1M followers are considered mega-influencers. 

These are the types of influencers based on followers. It depends upon companies to decide on what type of influencer to hire for marketing. Influencers can be of other types like an actor, sportspersons, politicians, journalists, and many more by which marketing can be done effectively. 

Notability of Influencer Marketing 

It plays a great role in promoting the brand name. The increase of this type of marketing is skyrocketing. From children to the elderly, all use social media in today’s scenario which makes influencer marketing effective among all age groups. The major importance of influencer marketing is given below:

Expand Brand Awareness: Depending upon the followers of the influencer the name of the brand reaches a large number of people.

Great content strategy: Influencers earn money by making engaging and good content collaborating with them will give the content of the product a new point. 

Increases traffic: Influencers promote the product on social media. By which a huge number of people will come to know about the product. It increases the traffic on the website and many people will purchase the product.

Increases trust of customers: There is a trend going around of following social media celebrities all around the world. So, if the influencers promote the product it builds up trust among the viewers and they use it without any hesitation

Enhance your Search engine rankings: Influencer marketing helps in increasing the reach. If the influencer puts the link to your website then it will drive traffic to the site and boost your ranking online. 

Besides these, there are many merits of Influencer marketing. It is cost-effective and can reach more audiences at a low cost. It helps in engaging new audience groups and makes more sales.

Why a marketing plan is essential for every aspect of the business?

It is a plan about what to do for achieving a marketing strategy. This marketing plan helps to establish what to accomplish. It helps to give direction about the things to do for achieving the goal of the company. It includes all the plans to progress in the given field. 

By making a great marketing plan businesses can easily run different campaigns with maximum reach. It is essential to run a business productively and fruitfully. The greater the market plan, the greater will be its effectiveness. 

A marketing plan is essential for every business. Without a good market plan, businesses cannot reach the goal set up by the boards. To expand the business and reach out to many people a good marketing plan is needed. We see in our day-to-day life that due to the poor marketing plan, many businesses are on the verge of collapsing. 

Strategies to Create Influencer Marketing

Before doing influencer marketing, businesses should make a clear strategy about what things to do and how to do it. Here are the things that should be done to create an influencer marketing strategy 

Step 1: Knowing what to promote through influencer marketing: A company may have different types of products. It should be clear what to promote through influencer marketing. It is clear to give the name of the specific product as the influencer has to write relevant content on that.

Step 2: Determining your target audience: It is important to know your target audience to reach out to a large group audience. In influencer marketing, it is essential to narrow the audience which falls out in the campaign. It will be easy to reach out to more people if we know our target audience.

Step 3: Choosing an appropriate influencer: According to the budget, and goals, the company can choose a suitable influencer. Choosing influencers should be done properly like

  • How good is he at delivering content?

  • How many followers does he/she have?

  • What kind of audience follows him/her?

These things should be kept in mind while choosing an influencer. As many people follow influencers in every aspect which helps in targeting them and increasing traffic. 

Step 4: Producing content plan: Influencers and companies should make engaging and fruitful content that attracts the audience who follows the creator. Creative content plays a great role in engaging people. If the content is unique and interesting people will check out the product or service. 

Step 5: Determining what social media platform you want to use: Choosing a social media platform is an important thing. The company should look out at all the followers and engagement of people on the influencer's social media accounts. The platform where the influencer is more active and in which more people are engaging daily should be used. 

Step 6: Making an objective: The Company should make an objective about the things to achieve through influencer marketing. After making an objective the influencer can do what the objective of the company is and tries to fulfill it. 

Step 7: Computing the effectiveness of your influencer campaigns: To know if influencer marketing provides better results, it is essential to know the performance. By using different tools companies can track down the engagement rate and know if the campaign is a success or failure. 

These are the strategies that should be done to create influencer marketing. All the above points should be kept in mind. Besides this Budget allocation is also one of the necessary strategies of Influencer marketing. 


Influencer marketing is in a growing phase and it will keep on growing over time. By doing this type of marketing many new consumers can be acquired. For every aspect of the business, this type of marketing is fruitful. 


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